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We are excited to share recent testimonials from people meeting on Tulip Singles.

Read their love stories below and be encouraged that God will do the same for you in

His perfect timing! 



Kelvin & Grace


Engaged July 2021

I got on tulip singles on June 23, 2021, and on June 24, I saw Kelvin's profile. I am Kenyan and so I was hoping to get married to a Kenyan man as well. But since the reformed community is very small in Kenya, I was worried that if I filtered my search to men from Kenya no one would come up but to my surprise, Kelvin was the only one who came up! I decide to reach out, but I couldn't reach him on tulip singles because he was inactive for a long time, so I decided to look for him on Instagram and sure enough, I found him. We started talking on June 25th, 2021, and we fell in love right away. We knew finding each other was just God's providence. Since I was supposed to go to nursing school in August and I wouldn't have been able to travel again for a whole year, I decided to go visit him and my family in Kenya for the rest of my summer.  While I was there, we had lots of fun and got to know each other's families. On July 25th, exactly a month after we met, Kelvin proposed, and I said YES! We're so happy that God in His providence brought us together and we can't wait to spend eternity together in His presence. We are currently processing a fiancé visa for kelvin and in a year, if the Lord wills it, he will be here and we can finally get married. Pray for us brother and sister in Christ and I wish all of you the best in your search. 



Charlie & Lydia


Married June 2021

Covid restrictions were very painful for both Charlie and Lydia. Both had been widowed, and both were suffering from loneliness. Lydia read about Tulip Singles in her local Christian magazine, and Charlie heard about it from a pastor friend who happened to be his brother-in-law. These two instances prompted them to seek a companion since they had such pleasant memories from their previous relationships with their former spouses, now in eternal glory. They first “met” via Tulip Singles in the fall of 2020.

Both Charlie and Lydia had many things in common….they had both been married for 44 years…..they both had children who received Christian education……they both used the same songs for their spouses' funeral services, and they both wanted to serve their Lord Jesus Christ. Already on their first date, they both prayed together for wisdom, for understanding, and for God to reveal His will for their lives.  

Because of covid regulations, Charlie and Lydia were restricted in their dating, since all venues were closed. No mall shopping, no concerts, no restaurant dinners, no Christmas parties, or the like. They see this as a blessing, however, because it gave them countless hours to play games, to walk, and to talk with each other. Challenges became opportunities to hear each other’s stories and to understand each other’s ‘past’ lives. They spoke openly and freely about their former spouses. This was extremely helpful in cementing a relationship and causing it to grow into new love. Their similar commitment to serve the Lord in all aspects of life was a major attraction to them both.

The children of Charlie (8) and Lydia (4)……along with their spouses…..are very important in Charlie and Lydia’s lives.  These adult children were the first to learn of this new relationship, and they understood that the loneliness their parents’ felt by living alone was burdensome. For this reason, they gave their approval and blessings, and so a wedding date was set.

Covid regulations again played a huge role in the marriage preparations….for the couple felt it imperative that all the children be involved and included in the nuptials. For this reason, the date was changed 3 times and finally, on June 26, 2021, Charlie and Lydia were married by Charlie’s pastor friend. A combination of 32 grandchildren, children, and siblings were all able to witness this ‘unusual’ ceremony. An event truly to be remembered!

It may be somewhat comical to have 2 ‘senior’ members listed on a Christian dating service, but the newlyweds feel blessed that…because of covid, and because of Tulip Singles they were able to meet, to join hearts and hands as they share their faith together on life’s pathways.



Brett & Gigi


Married December 2020

First, both Brett and I want to thank God for what He has done in our lives. It is amazing what means God will use to accomplish His will! TULIP Singles was recommended to us both by friends. We found each other on this site in the summer of 2020. I was living in British Columbia at the time and Brett was living in Manitoba. We both enjoyed the conversations we were having and began to talk about meeting one another in person. Brett flew to British Columbia to meet me in September 2020. We had such a great time with one another! Through thoughtful prayer, we decided there was no point in continuing a long-distance relationship. I flew to Manitoba in December of that year, where we got engaged and married in the same week. The Lord was so great to us! I moved to Manitoba and we are now expecting our first child! Praise be to God!



Married July 2021

I joined TULIP Singles in January. Although there was no one in my area I let the site do a search for me and I sent a message. Thankfully she answered back! Through the site, we got to know each other, and spent much time in prayer and studying marriage from the Scriptures. The Lord blessed us every step of the way and led us to marriage in July. I am very thankful that the Lord used this site to bring us together. I have finally found the one that my soul delights in. ~Paul 

I came across Tulip Singles on my Facebook feed and even though I said I’d never join a dating site, joined on a whim because I saw it was a site for reformed theology singles. I put it all in the Lord’s hands and trusted His timing for a partner to share my future with. I had a pretty specific desire list for the man the Lord brought into my life. Paul took a chance a messaged me in January, the day before his birthday. We continued to talk and made the decision to court each other, we wanted to see if this is what God wanted for the two of us. We knew that it would mean one of us would have to move to be with the other. Through courting, praying, and studying the word we continued to grow together. We knew that the Lord had given us this amazing gift. We visited each other, met each other’s family and friends, and had the support of those around us. Many prayed for us and meant a great deal. Paul proposed in April, and we both agreed it would be a short engagement. We set the wedding date and that amazing beautiful day was July 11, 2021. I was given this amazing friend, a man of God, and partner because I took a chance. I thank the Lord daily. ~Tonya 



Married March 2021

Our story is short and sweet. Neither of us saw this coming, but the Lord works in mysterious ways. Devan found me (Rebekkah) on Tulip Singles in early January during both of our trial periods. He decided to message me asking to get to know me. I politely thanked him for the compliment of reaching out but essentially told him I didn't think the distance would work (I in Wisconsin and him in Saskatchewan), so we went our separate ways. Fast forward a couple of weeks to January 30th where we saw each other in a social media group for reformed singles. We both immediately recognized each other and messaged a "hello you look familiar." We started talking as friends that evening and within a couple of days, we were an official couple. Within two weeks we were engaged and within a month and a half we were married! With God on our side, we have been able to overcome moving obstacles, border issues with Covid, and travel issues as well. We finally met in person on March 20th and were married on March 22nd at my church surrounded by my children, extended family, and his on a zoom call. Praise God for His perfect timing and showing us very clearly the path He was making for us. 



Married February 2021

Mason and I met on TULIP Singles. He was one of my matches but had only subscribed to the two-week free trial. He signed up in the first place thinking like so many others do: "There's nothing in online dating, and I'll prove it."

But, as I like to say, God tricked him. I sent a general greeting, making some sort of nice comment or other about something that I appreciated on his profile. He messaged me back, doing the same. After talking for a couple of days, we realized we got along pretty well. Since his subscription was about to expire, he gave me his social media info, and I gave him my Discord info so we could talk on both platforms. After chatting for a while on those platforms, he asked me for my phone number. I discussed this whole process with my loving parents, and they gave me permission to give my number to him. Dad sent him an e-mail, just checking to see what sort of a guy he was, and Dad liked him.

After a few phone conversations, voice chats, and video chats (both with and without his family), we made plans for him to meet me and my family in person at my sister's home. We spent a Saturday together and he liked us and we all liked him. After that first in-person visit going so well, we made plans for our families to meet together in Austin, TX, where he lives, works and goes to church. On first meeting his family, I immediately loved them. After the meeting, Mason started talking about "when we get married."

I thought he was being a little bold, but I didn't raise any objection, since I didn't see any reason why that wouldn't happen eventually. I was honored with the invitation to go with his family to Disney World, for a memorial trip to honor the memory of Mason's younger sister that passed away not long ago. Apparently, I am the only person outside of the immediate family to be invited, and that spoke to me as being an acceptance on their part of bringing me into the family.

On October 23rd, Mason came over to Louisiana for a visit since my whole family was going to be here at once, and my best friend was coming down, as well. On Oct 24th, he arranged for us to go out and take a tour of a plantation house not far away. We went on the tour, and about an hour-and-a-half later, with the tour being over,we went outside, and both of our families were there to surprise us! I was thrilled to see everyone there, but a little confused as to why everyone seemed to have their phones out and pointed at us. I started to go down to hug everyone, but Mason pulled me back up on the porch. "I'm not done with you yet," he said with a smile.

I was both confused and excited because I could only assume one thing after all this surprise! He got down on one knee, said that he loved me very much, and asked me to marry him! I accepted in shrieks, and after a big hug, he put the ring on my finger. Immediately following, my sister walked around the plantation property with us, taking engagement photos.

I'm so blessed to have Mason, and I'm so excited to see where our journey goes from here!



Married February 2021

Elisabeth and I met on Tulip Singles in November of 2019. We both joined the site not really with the intention of avidly looking for anyone. I had heard of Tulip Singles from a social media group, and Elisabeth heard about it from her church.

I had been on the site for a while back in the fall, but I hadn't paid for the subscription. I was still getting the emails, though! One day I got an email saying that Elisabeth had given me a pair of boots (I found out later that she actually was just messing around with the site and trying to figure out how it all worked), so I decided to pay my subscription so that I could say thank you to this girl that had given me a pair of boots. So, we talked back and forth briefly before she ghosted me for two weeks. I found out her subscription had ended and she didn't want to pay it! The site gave us two free weeks in December, which was amazing and probably the only reason that we are together today!

We finally met up in the middle of December. We live almost 3 hours apart, though, so we decided to meet halfway at Tim Hortons for coffee for a couple of hours - or so we thought. We met at 4:30 on a Saturday afternoon, and before we knew it, it was 7:00 already. So, we decided to go across the road to a burger place to get some food, and we ended up talking till about 10:00, which was surprising! We both came away from that night happy and excited for what the Lord had in store for us. It was the closest thing to love at first sight as there could be! Crazy as it sounds, 9 months later we got engaged and are getting married in February of 2021.

We thank the Lord every day for everything he has done for us so far. A year ago we both did not think this was possible yet here we are!  



Married November 2020
On Friday, March 27th David and I (Brooklyn) both had the random desire to try out a dating website called Tulip Singles. I came across it from a random ad on social media, and David had heard of it from his brother.
His profile was the first one I had viewed, and just by his Testimony and profile picture, I was immediately intrigued. David was from Ohio and I live here in Tennessee, so it was a long shot. After much contemplation, I decided to message him and immediately shut my computer.
The next morning while standing in the creek on our property, I looked down at my phone and saw a reply from the one and only. My message was the first he had read and responded to and of course, my heart jumped with excitement and confusion! We texted for a little while and video chatted soon afterward. I was so quickly drawn by his love for Christ, and desire to serve Him.

Neither one of us had ever thought of meeting our future spouse online or even had the desire to, but of course, God had other plans, and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Like my mom always told me-- when you least expect it and she was most definitely right!

Soon after, David and I became official and started to make plans for his big move here. It wasn't too long after we met that both he and I knew that we were going to marry each other one day. So with that desire, David proposed on August 15th!

We are so excited to serve together and see how God will use us in our marriage for His ministry and glory! God has already done so much in our lives since we met, and I continue to fall more and more in love each day. 

UPDATE: Because of your wonderful dating website and God's great mercy and grace, my husband and I were able to meet each other, get married, AND get the blessing of our first child all in one year!

We found out about a month ago and are due on August 14th! God is so good!


Married October 2020

I joined TULIP back in November 2019 after taking some time off from dating and focusing time and attention on other things that the Lord had been laying on my heart and mind. I was truly content with the idea of remaining single and had begun to make some other plans for how to approach the coming years by myself. But when I discovered TULIP, I was comfortable with the idea of trying it for a short period of time and then remaining content to continue with the other plans I was making.     

During my time on the site I met several nice men and had several pleasant conversations and meetings, but by the time COVID rolled around and remote instruction started for my teaching responsibilities, I contently just let my subscription begin to faze out. However, since I was on my computer every day for teaching, I just let the TULIP tab stay open at the top of my page, and in mid-May, I got a notification of a message.      

Steve and I had actually met almost 2 years earlier in a social media group for older reformed singles and were friends outside of that as well. During that time we had some brief exchanges of comments, but it wasn't until mid-May when he saw me on TULIP that he knew that I was single. Communicating with me was something he had thought about for several months, and I was equally as interested in knowing him more, so it made sense for us to start serious communication at that time.     

After 5 months of courting, Steve and I were married on Oct. 17, 2020. We are thankful for the platform that TULIP provided in allowing us both the clarification in knowing we were available to talk and know each other better, and are looking forward to serving Christ and His Kingdom together as a married couple for many years to come!