About the Developer

About the Developer


Tulip Singles Developer and Webmaster, About the Tulip Singles Developer
Tulip Singles Developer and Webmaster

About Jason

Jason Malroy launched the new Reformed website, Tulip Singles on Aug 1, 2019. As the developer of the Tulip Singles Website, he has dedicated it to the single men and women of the Reformed community for dating and courtship. Being a single father of two sons, he saw a need for a website that would meet his qualifications of being secure, being reformed, easy to navigate, with the purpose of Glorying God and establishing Godly families. He believes Christian families are the strength of our nations. They enable us to be salt and light to our communities and to train the next generation to love God and follow Christ.

Jason became a Christian at the age of nine and was raised in the OPC. He is now a member of Heritage Presbyterian (PCA) in Warrenton, VA. His father was a forester and they lived in very isolated communities as well as in large metropolitan cities and he experienced the need for contact among young Reformed Christians because of small churches.

Jason’s small staff is 100% Reformed and are members of churches in good standing. They understand the difficulties of being a Reformed single in a secular world.

Technical Skills

As the Tulip Singles developer, Jason’s credentials for establishing this website are his 33 years of IT experience in the D.C. area including working for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon and the DoD, the Treasury Department, the Veterans Administration, and the Intelligence community. His experiences have taught him how important security is for a website and the dangers in not having it. His particular skill sets include Database Administration (DBA), Systems Design and Implementation for Windows and Linux OS systems, Network engineering, Cyber Security, and Web development. 

Jason’s hope is that Tulip Singles will produce much romance and happy marriages. To see more on the Tulip Singles dating/courting site click here.

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